Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

my new favourite label.

At the Premium yesterday I really can remember these short seconds when I first saw this label. My heart stopped for a while and everything in me screamed -this is what you really want- ! Wow, guys, I cannot tell how overwhelmed and amazed I was. What I'm talking about is the skandinavian label "Gestuz" with Sanne Sehested Nielsen and Lene Boesen behind the brand. Their philosophy is "passion and power" and you can see these words in every single detail of their clothes, what me, personally, captivates. I like the way the designers play with rough and hard leather combining it with leggings made of transparent silk and cotton. They know how to get the differences between rock-chic and a fairytale together in one collection. So you can style yourself inspired by your daily moods.
Gestuz says their girls have a hint of scandal and sweetness in their eyes when they meet the world. She is always charming but has a touch of a wild one who is doing her own thing. She loves the metropolitan way of life like the underground scene and clubs but she also likes to present her cultural view about life. Her personal style follows her in everything she does. And Gestuz is the perfect companion!

all picture are taken from Gestuz @ Premium exhibtions

pictures taken from the new S/S 2011 Lookbook


  1. I love the first black dress with the leather jacket.So sexy and stylish.Best of luck :). xx

  2. hey there, thank u so much for the comments, i love ur blog too. i love the prev pics from vogue brazil u posted, they are hot. and also i would lve top know where i could get those rings from on the post below the glamourous ones. im following u via bloglovin now, i would the blog love too. xxxxxx

  3. Hey girls! thanks a lot for your wonderful comments! Well, I dont know where to buy the rings but I'll try to find it out in the inet...hopefully I'm successful :-)

    have u two a nice day!


  4. Gestuz is available @ WALD. Alte Schoenhauser Strasse 32 c Berlin. See you there!

  5. URBAN SHE in Hannover

  6. But we're not talking about Gestuz but about jewels from Glamorous ... :-)

    and you can buy Gestuz at F95! Thats a real great shop!!!

    Nice day for all of you!