Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

impressions from Berlin Fashion Week.

Yesterday I finally had time to visit the Premium exhibitions @ Station Berlin in Kreuzberg. Well, I dont know really well where to starts cause I got a huge number of impressions. You can see many collections beginning from small designers to our big one's in Germany like Michalsky or Schumacher. And it was amazing to get to know so many new, fresh and fascinating labels I never have heard about! I've fallen already with "Gestuv" which I will present to you later. But the most I loved the jewellery section. I'm a big lover of great, eclectic and extraordinary pieces and it was a pleasure to see all these wonderful rings,bracelets and Co.
Some noteworthy labels are: Cecilia de BucourtErickson Beamon a great jewellery designer, Latizia Klein who makes gorgeous high heels, the munich label Torn by Ronny Kobo or Wabersich Accessoires....

everything I need is ... Voss water, my beloved bag and a magazine!

the entrance was impressing, there are hanging tousands of little butterflies made of leather.

both looks from "C'est tout"

"Glamorous" rings and Cecilia de Bucourt dress
clothes from Torn by Ronny Kobo

Adia Kibur jewellery

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