Dienstag, 21. September 2010


My mom always told me: Take care care for your house as you do the same for your closet. Well and this is probably the reason why I really love to buy eclectic and pretty stuff for my flat. Behind fashion that is my other big obsession! And I'm so happy that I will move again in the end of the year so that I'll have a new opportunity to arrange and furnish my home. It's going to go to Friedrichshain next to Mitte one of my favourite quartiers in Berlin. The last days I discovered there a small flat which catched my attention. It's so lovely, little and sweet and inspires me so much. It has a antiquish dark wooden base and old windows. It just perfectly fits to my dreams of the actual Balmain Collection with all their Baroque and opulent designs. Some first things I already bought: some elegant lusters, mirrors and a amazing black/golden blazer from H&M for myself. What else than reading magazines or watching the runway shows inspires your Style? Hope to see you soon and to get answers from all of you! 
Yours Laura!

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

clean chick

I've always been loving elegant stuff and clothes. My mom taught me always to buy pieces which u can wear more than just one season and which are timeless and classy. And she's right! It's never wrong to fall in love with those things what just happened to me the last weekend. I was searching for a new bag...not too trendy like Balenciagas Motorcycle or Wangs Coco Ruffle, and not that too famous as Louis Vuittons Speedy or the 2.55. 
I wanted something special, with understatement luxury.... the days went on and I got more and more desperate. Its not that easy to find something u really like and u should just have to take one look to fall in love and adore a bag.. I didnt had that feeling and was a bit upset cause I couldnt wait.
Well and then last saturday midday I did some shopping at Quartier 206 in Berlin and there she was: the beloved Elsie Bag from Chloé. I didnt see this bag at anytime, anywhere, didnt know anything about her. But now I wanted to own her. she melted my heart and is my new It-Piece in my closet and I take to step without her momentarly. Chloé is my current parter when it comes to elegance... Take a look!

I adore the small bows on the collars, the soft nappa and the colourful fur. It's all so trendy but Chloé knows how to design a piece of which u never get bored and which u will still wear in 30 or 40 years.

In the last pic, on the left site, u can see my wonderful new Bag. I hope to shoot here as soon as possible. Can't wait to show her to you all !!!

yours Laura

Sonntag, 29. August 2010


I've always been a big fan of eyeliner, the bigger the better, sometimes people looked at me or friends said I were looking like I would go to disco with my dark eyeliner but it's like obsession. Once u started it u need more and more day by day. Well, and nowadays I cannot live without it anymore. I feel nacked without my big fat black line above my eyes! So I was so happy seeing that this upcoming season the eyeliner will be a big trend, and you're doing nothing wrong by overdrawing the black colour! And thats great. In fall/winter you cannot exaggerate your line. I'm so lucky! Hopefully anyone will say anything anymore about my excentric eye make-up or they don't know anything about the new lines like seen on the runway by Giambattista Valli!
These looks scream ... "diva" - "drama" - "sexy" ! These are the only words a woman wanna be like!

Berlin's Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2010

Still 10 days and than my favourite night event in 2010 starts! The Big Fashion Night Out! It's one of the most important special parties in Berlin's fashion scene and we're celebrating it the second time.Chanel, Prada, Lv, and so can buy them all this night until 24pm and enjoy the nice atmosphere Vogue just created for it.
It makes so much fun to take a walk through the "KaDeWe" with a glass of champaign, looking around and having your freinds around you! But the best thing: Thats the best time for me to go shopping!
I'm always working until 7pm and afterwards there's no time to do the best thing in the world :-(
So i really have to say a big thank you to Vogue for organizing this awesome event.
I'm already soooo curious what I will experience and discover and take home ;-) Keep up following me!

I will give u report via photos....
And by the way, u already can buy a specially designed shopping bag for the night out in all stores which will take part! Money will go to charity! And having one bag more is never wrong!

yours .....    Laura

Fashion Business around Alte Schönhauser Straße.

Well, u didn't hear anything from me for such a long time and I really felt bad that I have no time to write cause I'm so busy! I'm so sorry! There was a lot to do in these last weeks at Kaviar Gauche, we shooted the Look Book and Ready-to-Wear Images, which was definitely so amazing and interesting, and the pics are so damn wonderful! I'm looking forward to show u them all. It's like in a fairy tale and the location here in Berlin just fit so well to the S/S Collection. but I won't treat anything. So keep up following me!

Nevertheless, my friend Jen and me managed to take some photos. After work we both meet for talking and drinking a coffee just around the corner from work in a cute little italian coffee shop. I really enjoyed being with here, having to stress and just laugh with her. Sometimes I just need that to relax. 

I'm wearing Zara trousers and heels, both costumized, a vintage silk blouse, h&m bouclé jacket, Kaviar Gauche statement necklace, bracelet and watch bought in a small jewellery shop, Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale ring, Givenchy nightingale bag
yours...     Laura