Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Marion Cotillard for Vogue // my wish of vacation

Look at these photos! I'm sitting just in this moment at the Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin-Mitte @ the restaurant "St. Oberholz" and the heat of the city, the tousand cars and a the people exhauste me really much. Well, I love my city, it's great being here but sometimes I would wish to break out and travel to a quieter space.
When I have seen these photos from Mario Testino who shoot Marion for the July Vogue issue, I closed my eyes and wanted to be on such a place right now. What a pleasure would it be to pack all suitcases and go on a journey to the Provence in France by enjoying the silence and the great view above the amazing landscape....
But unfortunately it's just a dream! About what do you dream when u see the photos?

Her style still remains me of her latest film of Edith Piaf the famous french musician and Marion really fits well to this role. She looks like the classical 60's woman. I'm in love with the gracile and really feminine dresses. Whether in creme or coloured both versions are adorable and women should wear those pieces more often cause it highlights all the thing we have! Perfect for that is also the old-fashioned bikini! Another beloved basic for a wonderful sun bath.
 We should sometimes more behave like a diva from a film and should model ourselves on this beautiful Marion. Maybe not in vacations but there are so many other opportunities....
The elegant and classic Lady is en vogue again and I'm really happy about that fact! ;-)

Have a nice day my dears.... Laura


  1. found you on IFB :)
    these photos are amazing... i want to go somewhere posh and ethereal after looking at them!

  2. i love marion coutillard! she is such a stunning icon - amazing pictures!

  3. oh and for your question :} i wore that dress out to dinner w my friends - i might have been a little over dressed but i lovve it!


  4. thank u all for ur comments - you're so sweet!

    @DDiana: well, better being over than underdressed ;-) but the dress was real cute, love that! :-)

    Have nice evening!

    Greats, Laura