Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

The Fashion Week is over now and normal days go on. I'm really sad that my camera broke just the week before MBFW so I couldn't make a lot of photos. But I bought a new one and I can go on!

Yesterday was my first day of my internship at Kaviar Gauche, the Berlin Kultlabel, and I were reaaaally excited but there was no reason to be nervous. All the girls were so generous and kind, and the work was quiet fun.
But what I liked the most was to have the opportunity to look behind the stages of a fashion label. It was so amazing and interesting to see what the dressmakers are doing the whole day and how they work. Everywhere, in every little corner, you can find fabrics, leather, patterns and clothes. It feels like being in an adventure but fortunately it's my new reality! My highlight of the day was to see the Collection from S/S 2011 and especially the next Görtz shoe collection. Those shoes are stunning! But I won't tell too much ;-)

on the way to work / a sweet post....
The "YamYam" is a restaurant I can warmly recommend to you! Great korean kitchen!

the shop is placed at the "Linienstraße" 44 in Berlin-Mitte and on the last pictures you can see my favourite choices from A/W collection 2010/11 !!!

Have a nice day! Greats to you.... Laura


  1. that sounds like such an awesome internship! :) love that last jacket

  2. It's the best internship in whole berlin, and I'm so proud and happy about it !!!
    I really had good luck :-)
    The two girls are making so sensational clothes, it's just adorable.

  3. Congratulations - I love Kaviar gauche - I really want those overknee boots from the Görtz Collection :-)

    PS: I'm so sorry, that I had no time to meet you in Berlin - but I'm already planning my next trip for August or September and I will make sure that I will have time for you then!

  4. @Miri: well these shoes are standing just two meters away from me in this moment ;-)
    Which one do u prefer, with swaroski, straps or the clean one?

    And it's no problem u hadn't time, thats normal for fashion week but the next time we really! have! to! meet! ;-)

    Viele liebe Grüße an dich.

  5. I really want to go to Berlin and take a snap of everything. Pretty nice job in this one (:

  6. @Fabian: Well, come here, the city is big and beautiful....and take a lot of time with you ;-)

  7. love these pics - I'm definitely following you!

    check out my blog? xo

  8. oh amanda thank u so much!! :-)