Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

feeling bored on weekend.

The first week in my new job @ Kaviar Gauche is over and today everything feels a bit strange cause I had so much stress the last day and now there is nothing I have to plan or organize. I have a lot of time to relax and doing something but I don't know what to do with the free-time. I awake late and plan to go clubbing tonight with some friends....And for getting time'round I shot some photos in my flat. It's nothing special but I hope u like it. Maybe got got some tipps what u do when u're feeling bored....?!
Well, and don't care for my pic, got no make-up on so I don't look that pretty ;-)
Wanna wish a nice day and a wonderful weekend to you, ....Laura

I'm so sad, I cannot upload the photos....I'll later again.

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