Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

random stuff.

Hey my dear! I got finally a new cam cause my old one broke and I just felt the lust for shooting some photos around the corner of my work at Kaviar Gauche in Mitte. In this quartier you can find so many cute and eclectic little fashion stores and can discover amazing pieces nobody knows from and got it. Well, thats everything a woman want to, isn't it like that? In the area around Hackescher Markt, Linien-, Mulack- and Tor Street you will probably find the best shopping adresses in town.

I found this shop near to Tucholsky street and I think it reflects the typical Berlin style perfectly, the cute & odd chairs, bikes and a puristic store interior....

Ah, Sale is something which is really dangerous for us women, I ever learned to stop spending too much money for clothes and Sale doesn't make that better. It's really exhausting but nevertheless it's the best opportunity to get stunning pieces for nice prices ;-) ...This Sale is on C'est Tout placed at Mulackstreet, the shoes are so sweet but what I liked most at the shop was the wonderful statue in the background, it's great to combine art and fashion!
shoes from flip*flop & cute little bag or rather wallet from Longchamp...


  1. Ooh, I really like your photos! That shirt is so pretty!

    Btw, nice blog!

  2. i agree! sales are so hard for me to resist too :} beautiful pictures i love this post :)

  3. thank u so much girls for ur comments!
    btw...its not a shirt but a dress, thought about buying it immediately but I spent so much money for shopping this month. shame on me ;-)
    but its a pitty!

    wanna wish u all a nice evening.


  4. How's work? I bet it's interesting working for Kaviar Gauche - I especially adore their bridal collection...

  5. it's lovely, great, awesome! really makes fun and it's my dream job. but well, it steals your time and its quite exhausting.
    fashion is a hard business....


    Laura :-)