Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

yves saint laurent.

As I already told I'm waiting now if I gonna get the place for an internship by the Cult-Label Kaviar Gauche.
I hope on friday I'll know more but until this day I have to pass many hours of excitement. I cannot sleep or concentrate myself to these things I'm just doing in a moment so I have to amuse myself a bit.
Today I went shopping at Quartier 206 and finally I found something I was searching for for months.
So I can go to bed very happy at the end of the day. Thank God!


  1. Ohhh...I love Quartier 206, what did you get @YSL?

    Good luck with your job!


  2. thankss :-)

    I finally got the fucking wonbderful arty ring in orange. and really! I'm momentarly the happiest girl... :-)

  3. Yeah, great job! I looove the Arty rings and can't wait for your pictures!

    I ordered mine from the Quartier 206 shop, too!

  4. I gonna make some photos of it the next days...
    which colour did u order??
    I'm thinking about also buying the arty in turquoise.