Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

german photographers.

May I introduce u Anja Frers? She's a german photographer from Munich and I'm a big fan of her work for fashion magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Madame...just naming some of them....
She's now in business for almost 13 years and she belongs to the group of germans most amazing photographers in the industry of fashion, couture and beauty..
What's special about her is, that she knows how to get a real good pic cause she is very empathetic and makes the one in front of the camera feeling well preserved. Anja is a woman so she know about the thoughts and feelings the models have and this is the reason why all her pics have this extraordinary atmosphere and feminity.
I guess she knows the best way for making a model looking like she would the a actress in a fairytale.

                                                                take a look @ Anja Frers


  1. I love Anja's work. I read her interview on this site

  2. thank u chris for this link!! :-)
    wanna wish u a wonderful start into the coming week!



  3. Well I've never heard about this photographer, but these pics are stunning!