Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

ballet is the only thing I'm thinking about!

I guess ballet will never ever be out. People 200 years ago were amazed and the guys and girls in our times are it either. I don't know exactly why people love ballet but maybe they are so fascinated because it seems like this dance is agravic and the pretty girls would fly over the stage.
Ballet play also a big role in fashion industry nowadays cause the dancer are so unbelievable graceful.
Everytime when I'm sitting in the opera I'm speechless. The dancers move like little sweet fairies and you feel like you would be in a wonderful fairytale. So for me, ballet feels like dreaming.
This could be the raison why ballet is still a big inspiration for many designers and every new season they interpret the looks of ballerinas and their cute tutus again and again and again.
There is a cultural fascination and an allure behind it cause every little girl wants to be so sporty and full of grace and pride. Maybe we all also love it because the dance seems to be so easy but in real its a hard thing.
I dont really know, I just know that ballet is amazing to look at!!
And already the painter Degas has knewn about the magic of it.

Polina Semionova, Berlins famous ballerina in a campaign for Navyboot.

paintings by Edgar Degas.


  1. I adore ballet too, it is soooo inspirational for fashion, sometimes models just look like prima ballerinas. By the way I really like you blog. Es ist sehr interessant!

  2. THANK YOU! I really love to hear that people also like ballett! :-)

    xoxo Laura