Dienstag, 6. April 2010

Karl Lagerfeld designs for Coca Cola

From 24. April on we all got that luck to buy these wonderful limited Coke bottles designed by one-and-only Karl Lagerfeld. It's his newest campaign for Diet Coke, known as Coke light. He redesigned the shape of the bottle, including his silhouette and a pink cap. The whole campaign is standing for his very own personality and who could better advertise for a diet product as a man who once said:
"Fashion is the most healthiest motivation for losing weight."
Baptiste and Coco Rocha were shooted for the Coke-Campaign.

Momentarly that will be the most greatest drink for satisfying one's thirst and a very odd but funny fashion statement. A wonderful thing for all the Lagerfeld lovers; I also wanna have it right now.
Available at Colette Onlineshop.


  1. Die Flaschen gefallen mir & danke für dein Kommentar. Der Hund ist von meiner Tante ;-)& wegen den Geschäften, das wird mit einem Shoppingtrip nach Essen gefeiert ;-D

  2. Der Hund ist wirklich süß!
    ..und ich war heut auch erstmal wieder shoppen in der Stadt ;-)
    sehr befriedigend hehe :-)

  3. Things which are completely unnecessary.