Montag, 5. April 2010

Derek Blasberg - Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady

Hey you out there,
today I made a really interesting found at Amazon
Derek Blasberg, one of world's most famous fashion journalists who's working for Vogue,, Harper's Bazaar and other big magazines, published a new book about classy style in modern times.
From tomorrow on the book will be available in book-stores. Me, I'm just curious about that book thinking there will be a lot of great tips for me in there. I adore the classic style, I'm really into pencil skirts, feminime blouses, classy pumps and other stuff like that so that this publishing is a gorgeous treasure.
The book is a big opportunity to bring all the traditional style rules to your mind and forget about all the bitchy mini-skirts in the wardrobe :-)

How Mister Armani would say:
"Eleganz heisst nicht, ins Auge zu fallen, sondern im Gedächtnis zu bleiben."
"Elegance does not mean, to catch someones eye, but to stay in mind."

I agree with him, i think it's much more impressive being a wonderful lady with style and class as shocking someone with a sexy gesture. For me elegance is the biggest knowledge about fashion for example like our beautiful Trendsetter Vic Beckham, actress Reese Witherspoon or Socialite Olivia Palermo.
So I gonna see whether Derek will be my new teacher in that stuff ;-)

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