Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

clean chick

I've always been loving elegant stuff and clothes. My mom taught me always to buy pieces which u can wear more than just one season and which are timeless and classy. And she's right! It's never wrong to fall in love with those things what just happened to me the last weekend. I was searching for a new bag...not too trendy like Balenciagas Motorcycle or Wangs Coco Ruffle, and not that too famous as Louis Vuittons Speedy or the 2.55. 
I wanted something special, with understatement luxury.... the days went on and I got more and more desperate. Its not that easy to find something u really like and u should just have to take one look to fall in love and adore a bag.. I didnt had that feeling and was a bit upset cause I couldnt wait.
Well and then last saturday midday I did some shopping at Quartier 206 in Berlin and there she was: the beloved Elsie Bag from Chloé. I didnt see this bag at anytime, anywhere, didnt know anything about her. But now I wanted to own her. she melted my heart and is my new It-Piece in my closet and I take to step without her momentarly. Chloé is my current parter when it comes to elegance... Take a look!

I adore the small bows on the collars, the soft nappa and the colourful fur. It's all so trendy but Chloé knows how to design a piece of which u never get bored and which u will still wear in 30 or 40 years.

In the last pic, on the left site, u can see my wonderful new Bag. I hope to shoot here as soon as possible. Can't wait to show her to you all !!!

yours Laura

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  1. yes, i would like to dress like this this fall! congrats on your new bag - you picked an AMAZING one its beyond gorgeous :)