Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

living in an absolut world.

Me, I has been a big fan of Absolut Vodka since I'm going to clubs. I'm really into the whole label, their style and especially the gorgeous advertisement. And again Absolut suprised me in these weeks cause finally their advertisement for their new Bar-handbook "Absolut Cocktailian" is on the streets.
Here in Berlin you can already see Kate Beckinsale's campaign about the "Bloody Mary" and Zooey Deschanel for the famous Cosmopolitan. These two charming women were photographed for the hardly limited book by Ellen Unwerth. She photographed Kate and Zooey in the way of the legendary cocktails and really made some extraordinary, unique and stunning pictures.
Zooey said that the shoot was like a silent film and she were happy having the opportunity to change many many different roles in a really short time. I really agree with her. The photos are fantastic to look at!

Ellen dedicated the surreal and neon-coloured pics to the accruement of famous and beloved cocktails like the Bloody Mary.
More cooperators for Absolut Cocktailian were for example Helmut Lang and Kanye West...
So well, I'm looking forward to see this book maybe...I think its a big dedication to art and fashion!
I'm soooo curious! Here are some impressions....

What for a wonderful red dress is Kate wearing for the Bloody Mary?? Its just wow!


  1. I love these ABSOLUT ads! The brand truely knows how to stand out from the crowd!

  2. well, its not just a drink, its a kind of lifstyle. that's what's behind the magic of absolut :-)
    I shouldnt talk about alcohol in that way but u're right, this brand knows how to all the presence they want. and they already got mine! shame on me! ;-)