Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

F/W 10/11 Trend Nr.2: Yeti from the Ice.

It seems like all designers were influenced this time by the hard and long winter in europe. So they want us now to wear those thick and cuddly coats so that we wont freeze in winter. Actual this idea is not wrong anyway, its really great to own a coat which warms you a lot in winter but those coats are a kinda too unusual and absolutely too crazy for our normal world! However I feel really sorry my dear designers, I really don't need a portable oven for a trip to the north pole! Well, Anna and Carine already wear coats in the Yeti-Style but they are free to do anything in fashion. Maybe on us in our every-day-life it could look a bit silly.
I think we should just wear it in lighter version. So I am really curious how the streetwear labels like Zara & Co. will turn this trend over into a wearable exemplar. Let's wait what will come to the stores.

Anna & Carine @ FW  // Emilio Pucci

Viktor & Rolf // John Galliano

Shoes & Look from Chanel

Thakoon // Hermes

All coats are from the upcoming F/W 10/11 collection.


  1. I love fur! I got a vintage fur jacket and I'm planning to wear it more often next winter :-)

  2. Yes, I've already seen the jacket in one of your posts! The jacket is amazing! I need one too ;-)