Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

Blogger - Meeting @ Berlin

For me, this is my most favoured event at the coming Fashion Week here in Berlin. I'm really looking forward to see a lot of Bloggers from Germany and get to know them all very well. Ya, I guess this will be a great source of inspiration and it's gonna be big fun. I'm so curious!
// Meeting on 9th July, 2-4pm @ Auditorium "Station Berlin", Luckenwalderstr. 4-6, Berlin - Kreuzberg


  1. Hi Laura, do you know if any Blogger can come to this event or do you need an invitation?


  2. Well u have to confirm yourself. Her's the site with more information:

    You just have to send them a mail, then u can go there. Maybe we'll meet there. That would be great :-)

    greats to you!

  3. *just added you to my blogroll*

    Keep up what you're doing here, I looooove your blog!