Sonntag, 11. April 2010

it's all about Miroslava Duma.

I honestly do not have so many famous girls I am modelled on. But in the last few times I've always seen Miroslava Duma's looks at the fashion weeks all over the world and I fell in love with her style.
Miroslava is a russian Fashion Editor - so she knows exactly -everything about fashion -.
But moreover I think she's pretty making her own thing and her outfits are always unique and fresh. I think she brings some fresh air to the fashion's world and she fascinates us all momentarly and really causes a sensation.
I have to admit that I am absolutely looking up at her!


  1. So true, she adds a bit of flair to all of her outfits!

  2. nice pictures. i love the outfits

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  3. miroslava is so inspiring !! really :-)
    thank god he put her right there for fashion ;-)

    thanks for your posts!!!

  4. her style is CRAZY!

  5. crazy?? really? why? I think she's quite classy...